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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order the product?

You can pre-order the product now, which is recommended. We are also offering a discount on pre-orders and early adopters. You can pre-order by contacting Satair at or by calling +45 4040 1224.

What makes this technology different from other products on the market?

Many of the products on the market are made from light-absorbing dyes. Metamaterial Technologies has developed a new holographic optical filter that has been designed using nano-patterns that block specific wavelengths of light. It also has an unbeatable combination of transparency and protection. This allows users to use it both day and night and it does not impact the color of instruments or runway lights.

Older technologies (dye and deposition based) can lack this combination of performance and transparency.  They can also suffer from color distortion which is unacceptable for pilots who are heavily dependent on cockpit instruments and runway lights. These limiting factors make such technologies unsafe in a flight environment since they may increase the operational risk inside the cockpit when trying to mitigate the laser illumination problem.

Why has no one been able to create this before?

Metamaterial Technologies has pioneered a new class of holographic advanced materials, that can selectively block light of specific colours or wavelengths. The cost to produce this type of material has decreased over the last few years, making it a viable option. The raw materials were not available at the right size and cost is the past.

Can I get prescription lenses?

Metamaterial Technologies is working towards making prescription lenses available soon.  Currently they are not available.  However, the eyewear can be worn with contact lenses, and certain NVG and Heads-up displays.

How is the product used?

Pilots should use the lanyard that has been designed for the eyewear to be able to react quickly from an unexpected laser illumination. They can also proactively use them at any time during their decent.

What is the type and strength of laser glare protection?

532nm laser are blocked with minimum OD2 and up to OD5. 532nm corresponds to green lasers which account for >90% of all laser attacks. Protection of OD2-OD5 means 100 to 100,000 times attenuation of green laser light.

How much do they cost?

Volume discounts will apply.  Contact Satair for more information at

What are metamaterials?

Metamaterials are nano-composite sub-wavelength structures made up of materials such as metals or plastics that are engineered by MTI’s scientists to exhibit properties that are not found in nature.  A metamaterial typically consists of a multitude of structured unit cells that are comprised of multiple individual elements, which are referred to as meta-atoms. The individual elements are usually arranged in periodic patterns.

What is MTI’s, Airbus’s and Satair’s relationship?
In 2014 Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) entered Airbus Corporate Innovation’s Start-Up-2-Partner program to develop a solution to provide pilots protection from laser interference. With the support of the Airbus Aircraft Security team, the program evaluated, tested and tailored metaAIR. Early in 2017, a new agreement was signed with MTI for the validation, certification and commercialization of the product.  In 2018, a global distribution agreement was signed with Satair to bring metaAIR® eyewear to all aviation and military markets.

Has the eyewear been certified by industry?

MTI has worked closely with Airbus Aircraft Security to evaluate and test metaAIR technology for flight.  This new technology is unique because it has the highest combination of protection and transparency. The eyewear has been Independently tested by the Civil Aviation Technical  Centre of the French Civil Aviation (STAC).   The tests do not imply similar minimum color distortion for all airport lights and visual aids.

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